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You don't need webpack

August 06, 2019

Use parcel.js instead. No config needed, HMR is a breeze to setup (done via babelrc) and code splitting is done via dynamic imports, giving…

Should we always code review?

July 10, 2019

I recently “stumbled” into the following statement from the Technical due diligence calculator for startups on Hacker news: Wait, what!? I…

Handling errors in promises the DRY way

October 28, 2018

The example is kind of dumb implementation, but let say that knows how to handle a error in the request. The above code illustrates how you…

How to package refactoring

July 12, 2018

Every software project has a need for periodic refactoring. We need to add more tests (if any), improve readability and decrease tech debt…