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Occasionally, I write my opinions on software development. By Geries Handal, Github

Found this gem of a comment describing waterfall process (in the context vs Agile and/or Scrum):

These are a couple of utils that once in while I need , but I'm too lazy to think about how to write it from scratch. So, I end up searching for on the internet hoping to end on the correct Stack Overflow answer.

In the spirit of learning and having fewer dependencies, I decided to explore the creation of a "simple" image loader react hook. The hook will enable you to trigger loading of images and get different states

I have seen many teams, in the spirit of moving fast and getting the product to the market, outsource their UI. By outsourcing

Use parcel.js instead. No config needed, HMR is a breeze to setup (done via babelrc) and code splitting is done via dynamic imports, giving you full control programmatically of when to load code.

I recently "stumbled" into the following statement from the Technical due diligence calculator for startups on Hacker news: 7.c Do you have code reviews?

Here I will show you a subtle abstraction when dealing with errors in promises. The core concept using the Promise.resolve as we do in express middlewares with next().

Every software project has a need for periodic refactoring. We need to add more tests (if any), improve readability and decrease tech debt. Otherwise the code base becomes hard to work with and deployments, well... "deployment jenga":

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