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Occasionally, I write my opinions on software development. By Geries Handal. Github, Gitlab

Build your own image loader hook

June 01, 2020

In the spirit of learning and having fewer dependencies, I decided to explore the creation of a “simple” image loader react hook. The hook…

Build your own primitive UI

January 08, 2020

Introduction I have seen many teams, in the spirit of moving fast and getting the product to the market, outsource their UI. By outsourcing…

You don't need webpack

August 06, 2019

Use parcel.js instead. No config needed, HMR is a breeze to setup (done via babelrc) and code splitting is done via dynamic imports, giving…

Should we always code review?

July 10, 2019

I recently “stumbled” into the following statement from the Technical due diligence calculator for startups on Hacker news: Wait, what!? I…

Handling errors in promises the DRY way

October 28, 2018

The example is kind of dumb implementation, but let say that knows how to handle a error in the request. The above code illustrates how you…

How to package refactoring

July 12, 2018

Every software project has a need for periodic refactoring. We need to add more tests (if any), improve readability and decrease tech debt…